Partnership Application

The Restorative Development Partnership (RDP) includes public, private, and nonprofit organizations committed to advancing a replicable systems model of restorative development that equitably optimizes environmental, social, and economic outcomes for future redevelopment.

The RDP welcomes organizations to join the Partnership! Below is information about the RDP application; to apply, download the application and follow the instructions.

  • Organization applying: Organization name, sub-entity if relevant (department, division, etc.), mailing address, and website.
  • Primary contact for the application process: Name, title or role, email, and phone number
  • Statement of common priorities: Please briefly describe how your organization’s mission, goals, priorities, or efforts align with the Partnership’s purpose and goals.
  • Authorization: Attach a letter or other document from your organization authorizing this application for membership in the Restorative Development Partnership and committing to meeting all Partner expectations. 
  • Signature: The signature by an authorized member of the applying organization attests that the applicant understands and supports the RDP’s purpose and operations, commits to meeting member expectations, understands that membership begins following approval and once the new Partner has notified the PLT of its representative(s) to the Partnership, agrees that the organization/sub-entity name may be listed on the RDP website, and confirms the accuracy and completeness of this application.