About the Partnership

For several years, the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) has been educating public and private organizations about restorative development in order to grow a partnership that understands and is vested in building a systems model of restorative development. In 2019, the Restorative Development Partnership emerged from those efforts.

Statement of purpose: The Restorative Development Partnership (RDP) includes public, private, and nonprofit organizations committed to advancing a replicable systems model of restorative development that equitably optimizes environmental, social, and economic outcomes for future redevelopment.

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Current Partners

Current Partners are shown below, along with commitments to support the 2020-21 Feasibility Study on restorative development.

PartnerFunding CommitmentStaff Commitment
Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota
CenterPoint EnergyY
City of Minneapolis Division of Sustainability$100,000Y
City of Minneapolis Department of HealthY
City of Minneapolis Department of Public WorksY
City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development
City of Minneapolis Department of Long-range PlanningY
Hennepin County Environment and EnergyY
McKnight Foundation$171,659
Minneapolis Park and Recreation BoardY
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization$160,341Y
Towerside Innovation DistrictY
United Properties
Wall CompaniesY
Xcel EnergyY

In 2020-21, the Partnership is overseeing Phase 1 of the Feasibility Study, identifying and raising funds for Phase 2, and building out the Partnership’s structure and processes to optimize its ability to lead restorative development work in the future.

We can help tap into the UM knowledge community.

RDP Partner

We can talk with elected officials and promote the project with elected officials and staff.

RDP Partner

We can present the concept and findings to community organizations.

RDP Partner